Dear Cider Drinkers,

Swift Cider is a revival, a redemption and a reinvention of American hard cider. We call it craft cider because we make it by hand in Northeast Portland using nothing but locally grown apples, whole fruit, hops and spices. That means no sugar, no water, no apple concentrate and no candy apple flavor. Craft cider is crisp, and by crisp we mean dry. A dry finish means less residual sugar, less residual belly aches, and a fine balance that invites you back for more.

This cider is dank. So dank we dubbed one the Dank Hop, the world’s first ever pineapple dry-hopped cider featuring organic pineapples and Northwest grown Chinook, Centennial, and Columbus hops. Someone’s dad once told us we couldn’t add hops and pineapple to cider, so we added both. We always appreciate a challenge, and we regularly blend small experimental batches to see what will make it as the next seasonal or specialty release. Without giving away too many secrets, expect to see some wild lingon berry, roasted hatch chilly, bourbon barrel, gin barrel, banana juice, coconut and imperial strength ciders coming out in the near future.

Lot’s of people tell me they aren’t cider drinkers, but most haven’t even tried craft cider. To me, this is like saying you aren’t a beer drinker after only trying Natty Ice or Bud Lite Lime. Yeesh. Luckily there is a simple solution to this dismal outlook: drink craft cider! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it is dry, balanced, complex and profoundly quaffable. Depending on where you live, this may be difficult. The good news is that American craft cider is on the comeback after being dead for almost a century. It will be a while before it’s back to where it used to be. In the meantime, come visit us in Oregon and drink some Swift Cider for a taste of the future.

There are so many reasons cider is awesome that its hard to sum them all up. What other alcohol comes from a fruit with more than 7,000 varietals? What beverage pairs perfectly with breakfast, lunch, and dinner? What draft has a hundred food miles and pours from a reusable keg into a reusable pint glass? What has the same alcohol content as an IPA but half the residual sweetness? What is more American that apple pie? You get the idea. But, don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. You might just find that you’ve been a cider drinker all along.

-Aidan Currie
Founder & Head Cider Maker