Made in Portland, Oregon

A Cidery Reborn

Swift Cider is the is the reincarnation of Outcider, LLC, which opened in the Spring of 2012. Bottles and kegs of The Outcider and The Outcider Wild were enjoyed throughout Oregon until the end of 2013 when we paused operations to change names. While the paperwork was arduous and the wait agonizing, we are excited to return as Swift Cider.

The good news is that the cider is still made from the same locally-grown, fresh-pressed apples. A blend of wild and cultured yeasts ferment the juice and the cider clarifies naturally by aging at cool temperatures. Aidan is still the owner and head cider maker, and he blends every batch in the same Northeast Portland ciderhouse.

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Core Values

  1. Stay humble: we are privileged to make craft cider for a living.
  2. Produce world class cider.
  3. Promote cider, culture and the responsible enjoyment.
  4. Inspire social, environmental, and cultural change.
  5. Stewardship: care for the Earth because it cares for us.
  6. Cultivate potential through educational opportunities, a culture of participation, and guided risk taking.
  7. Balance the needs of our company, our coworkers and their families.
  8. Trust each other, communicate openly and commit to building authentic relationships.
  9. Persistently drive to innovate flavor, quality and efficiency.
  10. Have fun! Lots of it.

Our Namesake

If you’re lucky enough to call Portland, Oregon home, you may already know about the Swifts. On warm September nights, just as the apple harvest peaks, thousands of Vaux’s Swifts descend upon Chapman Elementary school in Northwest Portland. While they are also known as the Chapman Swifts, these birds are only sleeping in the elementary school chimney on their southward migration to Columbia, Panama, and Venezuela.

We have joined the hundreds, sometimes thousands of locals who gather, picnic and party under the swirling clouds of the world’s most agile bird. As the sun sets, the swifts sway and drift through the sky, churning above the chimney before they disappear downward like a great smokestack running in reverse.

The swifts and the people that flock to Chapman inspire our cider. We both bring the spectacle of nature into the city, adapting an organic process to the urban environment.  The annual swift migration signals the changing seasons and the beginning of apple harvest. When we gather to watch the birds, we share in their community and strengthen our own.