Cider Education

Want to know where cider comes from? Interested in learning about the craft of fermentation or how to properly taste cider? Swift is here to help. We are compiling quality cider education resources to help grow your knowledge and improve your cider experience. If you know of a great resource we don’t have, please let us know.

Cider Tasting

Cider Tasting 101

Cider Making


The Wittenham Hill Cider Portal – Andrew Lea’s free compendium of cider making knowledge.

The Cider Workshop – online community of craft cider/perry makers and enthusiasts who like to have a good chat about all aspects of cider and perry

Northern Brewer’s Cider Making Guide – Cider making advice brought to you by one of America’s largest homebrew supply retailers. – Comprehensive information for making cider at home.


Craft Cider Making  – Andrew Lea’s book about craft cider making.

Growing Apples

Growing Apples for Hard Cider – Powerpoint presentation on growing cider apples by Ian A. Merwin, Professor of Horticulture from Cornell University.

2013 Cost Estimation of Establishing a Cider Apple Orchard in Western Washington – Economic analysis of growing cider apples by the Washington State University Extension service.